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Lemons for tea

4 Main Ingredients To Add To Your Freshly Brewed Tea

If you're an avid tea drinker and you stumble across this article, it may be that you already have a specific way to mix and drink your tea. Or, you could even be reading this, appalled at the fact that anyone would ever add any creams or sweetener to their tea, thus "ruining" its natural flavor. Or, maybe you're just now starting to drink tea, and you are looking for different ways to make it until you find what suits your tastebuds best.

Whatever the case may be, below are a few different ingredients you can add to your tea to heighten the drinking experience.


Many tea drinkers believe the perfect cup consists of brewed tea leaves and water only. One reason is, that adding too many ingredients, such as heavy creams and sugars, could make the tea unhealthy. It will also affect the full flavor the tea. Keep in mind though, that there are no rules or laws when it comes to drinking this beverage. We recommend tasting a freshly brewed cup of tea by itself first, and take it all in. Give yourself the experience of the tea's full natural flavor. Then, begin adding other ingredients if that's what you prefer.


Honey is the most popular ingredient used to sweeten tea. Others include sugar and maple syrup. Natural ingredients like these work well to enhance the flavor, and can be used when you want to reduce bitterness in your cup.


Tea drinkers add cream to their tea for the same reason coffee drinkers add it to theirs; to soften the flavor. You can add any variant of milk whether it comes from an animal or a plant. Just remember though, less is more. A little cream goes a long way, and once you add too much, the only way to bring the tea flavor back is to add more freshly brewed tea.


As you may already know, many teas already come blended with different flavors. A popular one is citruses, such as lemon or orange. If you enjoy citrus in your tea, you can also add it yourself! Some tea and coffee shops will even leave out little containers of lemon juice for you. Citrus can liven up your tea, and even add a little vitamin C to your day. If the juice is too much or too strong for your taste, try adding just the peel.

In conclusion, there is a considerable amount of things that can be added to tea, with the above three being the most popular. Some drinkers even go as far as adding flavored syrups or spices to their teacups. Add as much or as little of the extra ingredients as you please, but remember to be careful not to drown out the natural flavors of this tasty beverage.

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