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4 Way To Make The Perfect Cup of Tea With Our Products

how to brew tea


At So Wealth-Tea, we offer a range of some of the best loose-leaf teas you can find including Vanilla Chai, Sweet Ginger, and Minty Mate tea. Each flavor offers a luxurious experience to the drinker on their own, but there are a few tricks you can use to get more out of each cup. Read through some of our flavor-enhancing hacks, then visit our shop to find your new favorite tea!


The quality of the water you use can have a big impact on the flavor of your tea. To make sure you're getting the best possible taste, use filtered water instead of tap water. This will remove any impurities that might affect the flavor of your tea.


To mellow out the bold flavors of our vanilla chai or to increase the sweetness of our sweet ginger blend, try adding a touch of honey or milk! These additions can help to balance the flavors and create a creamier taste that is sure to please your taste buds.


Additions like cinnamon and mint can take your tea to the next level. Herbs and spices offer a unique flavor that can help to enhance the taste of your tea. Try a pinch of cinnamon to our vanilla chai or sweet ginger blend to add an extra. Or put a few leaves of mint into the minty matcha to increase the herbal flavor.


At So Wealth-Tea, we encourage you to experiment with different brewing methods and additives to find what works best for you. Try brewing your tea with different steeping times, temperatures, and additives to find your perfect cup of tea.

With So Wealth-Tea, you're already starting with a delicious and high-quality product. But by following these tips, you can take your cup of tea to the next level and make it truly perfect. Visit our shop today to bring home the best loose-leaf tea!

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