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6 Best Destinations For Tea Lovers

Tea is the second most-consumed drink in the world, right after water. For many people around the globe, tea is not simply a way to get some caffeine in your daily routine. It is much more than that.

In many cultures, it serves as a gesture of friendship and hospitality. Teas have a feeling of warmth and calm associated with them.

Here is a look at the 6 best destinations for tea lovers who want to explore this tasty beverage in all its glory.


Darjeeling is a famous destination in India for tea lovers worldwide. People flock to Darjeeling for a nice hot cup of masala chai and experience India’s rich culture. Masala chai is like a hug in a cup, much like the hot cocoa is in the West.

The masala chai is prepared by boiling black tea along with a mix of spices. These spices vary from region to region. However, generally, we see a mix of cardamom, ginger, fennel, cinnamon, cloves, and peppercorns. These spices are boiled along with milk and sugar to impart their flavor.

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Probably the most popular destination amongst tea lovers, Japan is as good as it comes. Tea in Japan holds tremendous cultural value and every cup is steeped in tradition. Japan is well-known for its tea ceremony which dates back centuries.

The most famous tea coming from Japan is the Matcha. It has a vibrant green color and is a treat for the eyes and the tastebuds alike.

Japanese tea cup


When it comes to tea, not a lot of places can beat China. Tea is very closely associated with the Chinese culture and the Chinese people hold it in high regard. Which is why, it comes as no surprise that China makes this list of the best destination for tea lovers to visit.

China is a big country and different parts of it have different tea specialties. As a start, you can visit the Hangzhou area for their green tea. Tea here grows in the Zhejiang Province situated near the Pacific Ocean. The most famous tea coming out of China called the Dragon Well tea, is grown here


Moroccans are known for their hospitality and this habit of theirs is centered around - you guessed it - tea. The country is famous for its mint tea made from gunpowder-green tea. The tea is more on the sweet side and is served to guests multiple times – each time increasing in strength. It is a great refreshing tea that will provide you with calming and soothing vibes.

Moroccan tea cup


Sri Lanka is an often-underestimated tea destination and one we highly recommend you visit. The most significant tea to come out of this beautiful country is Ceylon. It has a beautiful golden color and is famous for its great taste.


Turkey may be better known for its many meat delicacies and decadent desserts. However, Turkish tea is a beverage not to be missed. Turkish tea is a strong black tea. Preparation is usually done by dipping it in a teapot and serving it in a traditional glass. One of the best places to get tea in Turkey is Rize, the largest producer of tea in the Middle East.


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