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6 Tea Traditions From Around The World

Drinking tea dates back to thousands of years. It is an age-old tradition for people to get together and relax. Tea is said to be introduced in China in 27 BC. From then on, it was adopted globally, with every country putting its own spin on it with their own unique flavors.

From its immense therapeutic and health benefits to its many great tastes, it is no wonder that tea is loved by people all over the world. Many countries take their tea time seriously and have put their own cultural twist on it.

From Japan’s matcha tea ceremony to London’s afternoon tea, there is no shortage of traditional variations to experience when it comes to tea. Here are 6 tea traditions from around the planet that you would be missing out on if you didn’t try.


Japan is one the most well-known tea destinations in the world and for good reason. Tea is an important part of Japanese culture. The tea ceremony that Japanese people usually follow is called matcha. It consists of serving green tea to a small group of people. There are dedicated teahouses and tearooms to get the most out of your experience.


The Chinese were the first to discover the tea leaf so it comes as no surprise that tea is near and dear to them. Given the country’s huge area, China is home to many different varieties of teas. The art of making tea, also known as Chao Dao, is a well-known tea ceremony followed by the Chinese people, symbolizing the importance of balance and harmony.


India is a popular destination among lovers of tea and culture alike. It is the largest producer and consumer of tea in the world. Tea is a daily part of every person’s life in the country. However, unlike China and Japan, the act of drinking tea is not preceded by any ritualistic gestures. You will find tea in every nook and corner of Indian streets. But people there like to enjoy their cup of tea as soon as they are handed one.


No visit to Morocco is complete without trying its signature mint tea. Morocco’s mint tea is a significant part of North African culture. This tea is usually heavy on the sugar and is made with a mixture of green tea and mint leaves. It is served in small traditional glasses and is served alongside a variety of sweet delicacies and dry fruits.


You may know England to be famous for its fish and chips. However, another thing that is just as closely related to England is tea. The English afternoon tea is famous all around the world due to the cozy aesthetics that surround it and the delicious treats that follow it.


Iranian tea is brewed over a traditional highly decorated tea urn called the samovar. Iranian tea is usually very strong. There is an important distinction in the way people drink tea here. Instead of mixing the sugar in with your tea, you place a sugar cube between your teeth and drink the tea through it.

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