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Afternoon Tea Party Planning Guide

An afternoon tea party can serve as a great pick-me-up in an indolent routine. With so many options to choose from on Pinterest boards nowadays, it can seem too overwhelming to go through with it.

But throwing an afternoon tea party should be anything but confusing. It should not take a ton of prep on your end and should also serve as a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon with your friends and family. Moreover, you don’t have to be a tea connoisseur to host a great tea party.

With this simple afternoon tea party planning guide, you will be able to put together a dainty little tea party in little time and budget.


The first step in your tea party planning would be to set a date and send out invitations to the people you want to enjoy your afternoon with. You can invite as many people as you have the budget for. Throw your friends and family an invite text or if you like to do it the old school way and go the extra mile, you can even send physical invitations.

afternoon tea party set


Accompanying snacks and treats are just as important as the tea itself. Plan your menu and select the recipes you are going to be preparing that day. It is good to go with a selection of both savory and sweet items. A popular option is to prepare tea-time sandwiches as a savory-something and cookies/biscuits as a sweet treat.


Aesthetics go a long way when it comes to throwing a party. For many people, decorating is the best part when hosting a tea party.

Set a theme for your tea party and decorate your table and surroundings according to that.

You don’t have to go crazy with all the details. Not all of us are master decorators. Do what you are comfortable with as a little goes a long way. You can do things like put a new table cloth, set up some centerpieces, include napkins and the necessary utensils for eating and drinking.

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You have made all the necessary preparations and your guests have arrived! It is now time to brew some tea. Accompany the tea with the necessary selections, such as milk and sugar, and get the tea party going.


Relax and have fun with your loved ones while sipping on a hot soothing cup of tea. Hosting an afternoon tea party should not be a stressful endeavor. It is your time to get together with your friends and family, have interesting tea table conversations, munch on some delicious snacks, and destress along the way!

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