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Connect Mind, Body & Spirit With Chai

Chai is a popular beverage that has been enjoyed for centuries in many cultures around the world. It is known for its unique flavor and aroma, but it also has many spiritual properties that make it a powerful tool for meditation. Legend has it that the origin of chai dates back more than 5,000 years ago in India, when a king ordered a healing spiced beverage be made for medicinal practices. Continue reading to find out how you can connect with chai.

loose-leaf chai


Chai is a powerful tool, and is thought to help open the mind to spiritual insight and understanding.

The spices used to make chai are also believed to have spiritual properties. Cardamom is said to help open the third eye and promote spiritual awareness, while cinnamon is believed to help bring clarity and focus to the mind. Cloves are said to help open the heart and promote feelings of love and compassion. Lastly, ginger is believed to help open the throat chakra and promote communication and expression. These are just a few of the many spices that can be used to make chai!

chai latte


Drinking this fragrant, sweet tea will do more than just warm the heart. Chai is also believed to help promote balance and harmony. It is said to help level the energies of the body and to help bring the body into alignment with the spiritual realm.


Drinking any type of tea can give us a chance to reflect. Chai, however, is packed with antioxidants, L-Theanine through the black tea, and has a slower caffeine release due to amino acids. Thanks to the infusion of these properties, chai can help promote a constant flow of energy and help move beyond daily stresses towards a mindful self realization.


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