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Pouring tea at picnic

Tea Overview: A Brief Guide For Beginners

As a new tea drinker, you may have a ton of questions wandering through your mind and you can find yourself lost in the world of all the numerous teas available nowadays. From choosing the best flavor for you to finding the optimal brewing technique, navigating the world of tea can be a little confusing in the beginning.

Which is why we have created this brief guide for novice tea drinkers who want to get the basics of tea down.


There are three main types of teas:

True Teas
Herbal Teas
Flavored Teas


True teas come from one and only one source: the Camellia sinensis. True teas exist in only five forms globally. All other teas are either herbal or flavored. The five true teas are:

White tea
Green tea
Oolong tea
Black tea
Pu-erh tea

All these teas are made using the same plant leaves. The only difference lies in their production process.


Herbal teas are made from parts of the plants that are not the tea plant. These can include anything from flowers to herbs and spices. These plant parts are boiled in some water. These teas are free from any caffeine.

The most famous herbal teas include:

Chamomile tea
Lavender tea
Hibiscus tea


These types of teas are made by mixing true teas with other flavors/tastes. There are a wide variety of options for this purpose. You can use herbs, spices, and citrus fruits to create flavored teas. Some of the most popular ones include:

Masala Chai
Earl Grey tea
Cinnamon tea


Choosing the best type of tea for you would depend a lot on the flavor profile you prefer. Some teas may get you hooked on them while there are others you can definitely live without.

Here are a few tea suggestions that many people seem to love and would be great for a beginner tea drinker to try.

Black Tea

The most common type of tea is black tea. It is rich with flavor due to the full oxidization of leaves. It has dark-colored leaves with robust creamy flavors. It is a versatile tea that works great on its own or mixed with a bunch of different flavors.

Masala Chai

You won’t come across a more warming and soothing cup of tea than masala chai. This spicy milk tea is the perfect hug you’ll need on a cold day. It is made from a blend of black tea and spices which give it the best of both worlds: a calming creamy taste with a nice kick from the spices (masala).


Rooibos is a rare tea rich in antioxidants and is caffeine-free. It also has absolutely no bitter taste, making it great for those of you who prefer their tea on the sweeter side.


Chamomile is one of the most popular teas in the world and for good reason. If you are not a fan of strong tastes, this tea is for you. It has a lightly sweet and soothing taste that will help with calming your senses.

Dragon Well Green Tea

When it comes to green teas, no one does it better than China. The Dragon Well tea is considered to be the best green tea to exist. It has a delicate flavor, more towards the nuttier side. You can drink this tea straight from the glass, without any straining.

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