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expensive vintage gold tea set

Top 5 Most Expensive Teas In The World

Tea is more than just a beverage. There are teas out there that demand quite the price tag. Some that even costs more its weight in gold. That's goals, honey. Continue reading to learn more about the top most expensive teas in the world.


This Chinese tea is a Wuyi rock oolong tea that’s grown in the Wuyi Mountains of Fujian Province. Why is this tea is so costly? Its leaves are harvested from plants that have grown on the mountains for over 300 years. The taste of Da Hong Pao will fill your palette with earthy notes and hints of stone fruit, brown sugar, and molasses.


This tea bag is speaking to our inner king/queen. It was handcrafted by Boodles, a UK jewelry brand, and took three months to complete. What is it, you ask? The PG Tips (a British tea company) Diamond Tea Bag is just that. A tea bag covered with 280 diamonds and filled with Silver Tips Imperial Tea inside. Silver Tips Imperial tea just so happens to be the most expensive Darjeeling tea. So, the $15,000 price tag doesn’t seem so crazy… right?

3. PANDA DUNG TEA – $70,000/KG

Time for Desiigner to step up his Panda game. This famous, expensive tea is typically sold for around $200 per cup. The secret behind Panda Dung Tea isn’t so secret if you take another look at the name. As crazy as it sounds, Panda dung is the fertilizer that’s used to grow the tea tree. Pandas feed only on wild bamboo of which they absorb about 30% of its nutrients. The remaining 70% that is being excreted goes into the tea, and teapreneurs love it!


Named after the Greek mythology figure, Vintage Narcissus, it is another expensive and rare oolong tea that comes from the Wuyi Mountains in China. It had a cool and sweet aftertaste, and similar to wine its taste improves with age.


Named after Buddhist Iron Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin, this expensive variety of oolong tea is a blend of black and green tea, fermented to create a unique taste. The tea trees are grown on the highest mountain in the Fujian Province, China. It is said that the leaves can be brewed seven times before losing their strong chestnut flavor. It also offers intriguing health benefits such as weight loss support, heart disease prevention, and stress relief.

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