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May spring time tea tips

Welcome to May at So Wealth-Tea: Embracing Spiritual Awakening with Every Sip

As the sun shines brighter and the flowers bloom, May brings a sense of renewal and vibrancy that aligns perfectly with our spiritual journeys. At So Wealth-Tea, we believe in the power of tea to connect us to deeper truths and higher states of consciousness. This month, we invite you to join us in a transformative experience that combines the art of tea drinking with spiritual growth.


This Month's Theme: Awakening

May is all about awakening—both in the natural world and within ourselves. Our selected teas are chosen not just for their delightful flavors but for their abilities to enhance mindfulness and spiritual awareness. Each cup is a step towards inner peace and enlightenment.


Featured Teas of the Month

- High Esteem: A light and soothing blend, perfect for meditation and reflection. 

- Divine Love: This tea is a heart opener. It’s ideal for nurturing love and compassion towards oneself and others.

- Sweet Dreams: A celestial brew that calms the spirit and prepares the body for restful sleep or deep meditation. 


Spiritual Practices to Pair with Your Tea

Tea drinking is a meditative practice in itself, but when paired with specific spiritual exercises, it becomes a powerful tool for growth. Here are a few practices to try this May:

- Morning Gratitude Sips: Start your day by sipping your favorite tea while practicing gratitude. Think of three things you are grateful for each morning as you enjoy your brew.

- Mindful Tea Meditation: Use the act of preparing and drinking your tea as a focus for meditation. Pay attention to the aroma, the heat of the cup, the flavors, and the sensations as you sip slowly.

- Journaling Over Tea: As your tea steeps, take a few minutes to journal. Write down your thoughts, feelings, or any insights that come during your tea time. This can be a great way to track your spiritual journey and growth.


Community and Connection

Join our weekly virtual tea gatherings where we discuss different spiritual topics, share our experiences, and connect with fellow tea enthusiasts. It’s a wonderful way to stay engaged and supported in your spiritual journey while enjoying some great teas.

As you sip your tea this May, remember that each cup is not just a part of your daily routine; it's a part of your spiritual path. Let the natural awakening of the world inspire your own personal and spiritual awakening.


Stay soulful, stay hydrated, and remember, every sip is a step towards serenity.

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